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Protective Soccer Headgear & Headbands to Help Protect Against Concussions & Other Brain Trauma

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Top Soccer Headgear for Women in 2020

Top Soccer Headgear for Women in 2020

Below are our top 10 choices for women's soccer headbands and soccer helmets for 2020. The headgear is listed in the order they were ranked by the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings study, with a few tweaks in the order based on availability and ease of purchase. In...

Additional Information About Soccer Head Protection

Warning & Disclaimer:

Soccer headgear, head guards, helmets, headbands and the like cannot and do not prevent all risk of head injuries.

When you participate in any sport you are exposed to the risk of injury. No helmet, head gear or head protection device can prevent all head, neck or facial injuries.

A user of these products may sustain head injuries (which may include concussions or other brain-related injuries) notwithstanding his or her use of the headgear, head guards, helmets, headbands or the like.

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