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The Full90 Premier

The Full 90 Premier is a solid protective headgear choice for you or your soccer-playing loved one. The Premier has a lower profile than Full 90 FN1 or the Barnett Heat Pro, but it handles moisture pretty well and, overall, is fairly comfortable. You’ll grow accustomed to wearing it before long

The Full 90 Premier comes in four colors: Black, Navy, Blue and Red. It also has an opening for ponytails for those players with longer hair.

Worth noting that if you like the headband style for protective headgear, both the Storelli ExoShield and the Unequal Halo 3 scored better on the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings study.


Additional Information About Soccer Head Protection

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Soccer headgear, head guards, helmets, headbands and the like cannot and do not prevent all risk of head injuries.

When you participate in any sport you are exposed to the risk of injury. No helmet, head gear or head protection device can prevent all head, neck or facial injuries.

A user of these products may sustain head injuries (which may include concussions or other brain-related injuries) notwithstanding his or her use of the headgear, head guards, helmets, headbands or the like.

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